4 Mai 2009 / Cartothèque de l'IFEA

constantinople_bosphorus_and_dardanelles_london_atlas_stanford_s4 Mai 2009 / Cartothèque de l'IFEA - la carte de la semaine :
Très belle carte du Bosphore issue de l'atlas de stanford de Londres version folio de 1896.
"The Bosphorus and Constantinople" and "The Dardanelles and the Troad";  issued London, 1896.
An enormous folio sheet map of The Dardanelles and the Troad on the left and The Bosphorus and Constantinople on the right from the very scarce 1896 revised and enlarged folio edition of Stanford's monumental "London Atlas of Universal Geography." Originally produced in honor of the Queens Jubilee in 1887, this second issue some 9 years later completely revised all the maps, thus creating this unique series which are found nowhere else. Beautifully lithographed with original hand color, a lavish and very expensive atlas in its day, now rarely encountered, no doubt to the small audience which could afford it originally.
A splendid elephant folio sheet map printed on heavy paper stock, tremendously detailed; a transitional map at the end of the19th century. One of the largest single sheet maps issued in the 19th century in a commercially produced atlas - not to be confused with the much smaller quarto size or small folio maps such as Johnson, Johnston, A. & C. Black, etc.
On a c. 29 3/4” W  x  22” H sheet;  engraved image size is 23 3/4"  x  19".