9 Novembre 2009 / Cartothèque de l'IFEA

1541_ptolemy_trace_s 9 Novembre 2009 / Cartothèque de l'IFEA - la carte de la semaine :

Belle carte de Trace et des détroits du cartographe et éditeur : Laurent Fries (1490-1532)
Titre original : Europae tabula nona. Continet Iaziges Metanastas, Daciam, Mysiam superiorem

Année de publication : 1541 à Viennes, 30,1 x 43 cm

Untitled trapezoidal Ptolemaic woodcut map of the Balkan. From the 1541 Vienne edition of Ptolemy's Geographia published by Gaspar Trechsel and sold by Hughes de la Porte in Lyons. The maps are cut by Laurence Fries, first published in the 1522 Strasbourg edition. Showing south east Europe from Adriatic Sea to Black Sea. This includes today Albania, Macedonia, North of Greece and the Bosporus / Turkey around Istanbul.