3 Dec 2012 / Cartothèque de l'IFEA

Thumbnail image3 Dec 2012 / Cartothèque de l'IFEA - la carte de la semaine :
Plan de Constantinonple et du Bosphore de Thrace, D'après celui levé sur les lieux en 1776, par Mr. Kauffer
59.8x39.7 cm.
An interesting French manuscript map of the Bosphorus from the Marmara See till the Black Sea. The outlines of Stambol ou Constantinople, At-Meydan ou Hyppodrome, Grand Sérail, Galata, Pra indicated. Typical chart made by the Dépot de la Marine.
After the important map of F.Kauffer of 1776. Its importance lies in the fact that after the work of Ktip elebi and Von Reben, it constitutes a new stage of development from the point of view of the technique used in cartography.