DEPO - Julie Peteet - Conceptualizing Mobilities and Producing Place in Palestine - 28/2/2018

Mercredi 28 février 2018 entre 18h-20h, au Depo
Julie Peteet
(Université de Louisville)
dans le cadre du séminaire « Enjeux actuels des migrations »
intervention en anglais
organisé par l’Axe AMiMo de l'IFEA en collaboration avec l’Association pour les recherches sur les migrations (GAR)

Conceptualizing Mobilities and Producing Place in Palestine

With its broad scope and theoretical and methodological flexibility, the field of mobility studies provides an apt framework for approaching displacement and the production of space/place in Palestine. Mobility can be a lens through which we explore power, inequality and, in this case, occupation. Mobility is key to the elaboration and affirmation of spaces as sites of particular configurations of power, identity, and meaning. For Palestinians, the organization of, and access to, space and mobility devolve from social and legal categories of difference.

Julie Peteet is Professor of Anthropology at the University of Louisville and a Fulbright Research Scholar in Turkey (2017-18) at METU. Her research has focused on Palestinian displacement, refugee camps, space and identity, and more recently mobilities and the policy of closure in the West Bank. She has authored three books: Space and Mobility in Palestine, Landscape of Hope and Despair. Palestinian Refugee Camps and Gender in Crisis.

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