Mitia Frumin - François Kauffer: a cartographer in foreign service? - 24/11/2014

Lundi 24 novembre 2014 à 18h à l'IFEA
Mitia Frumin (Université Hébraïque de Jérusalem)
"François Kauffer: a cartographer in foreign service?"
Intervention en anglais

"François Kauffer: a cartographer in foreign service?"

François Kauffer is known as the man who in 1786 conducted the first triangulation of the Bosphorus and determined the exact location of most prominent landmarks of Istanbul. From the end of 1792 François Kauffer served the Sublime Porte. His rapid and unexpected death from pneumonia in February of 1801 brought to an end the brilliant career of one of the most prominent Western engineers and cartographers in the Ottoman service at the end of eighteenth century. However, in light of recently revealed documents, the question has to be asked: did François Kauffer truly serve the Ottoman Porte? Or did he serve only the Ottoman Porte? 
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